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Archangel Gabriel Consultancy (Archangel) has been inspired by the health support needed by Clergy and Religious Congregations of all denominations. Archangel is a specialised service that offers support to a unique group in our society. A need has arisen to support all members, especially the ageing, of Clergy and Congregations in their health care needs by answering the following questions:

The questions above are also applicable to Private Individuals; people who have not chosen to live in Religious Life, and their loved ones. See The Private Individual.

To contact Archangel Gabriel Consultancy:
Call 0413 409 585

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"Thank you for your compassionate care for our sisters and for your generous response
to our emerging needs."
Member of Congregational Council
"Thank you for your care and support of me ... This has been a long journey and
your brightness and constant care have helped immensely."
Congregational Member

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