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Service Choices

Basic Service

This Basic Service is used by Diocese/Congregations who have most aspects in place to support their members' health and ageing needs. This is a reactive on-call service that addresses medical issues as they arise and includes general services to support individuals to manage their own health care.


Depending on the need of the Diocese/Congregations, an agreement may not be required and the casual rate applies. Alternatively, an agreement where a monthly retainer fee may be agreed upon can be arranged and the lesser hourly rate will be applicable.

Intermediate Service

The Intermediate Service is suited to Diocese/Congregations who are facing increasingly more complex health issues and are requiring guidance and support to manage this effectively. It is a general, all round service that can provide positive direction to individuals as well as covering the basic aspects of health and ageing collaboratively with the relevant Leadership Team.

Premium Service

This is a complete and proactive service that focuses on preventative health care as well as comprehensive support with health and wellbeing issues in all aspects of ageing. In addition to the following benefits, it also includes all aspects of the Basic and Intermediate Services. The Premium Service is a valuable option for Diocese/Congregations who would benefit from a comprehensive service with full monitoring of individuals in all aspects of health care.

For more information about service choices, see Service Choices.

Benefits to the Client

The distinctiveness of Archangel allows flexibility to provide the client with the service best suited to their needs. Hence different agreements will be made according to the needs of the client group. An ideal situation is a 12-month agreement. This gives the client the security of consistent and continuous support with their health care needs over a 12-month period. It is noted a clause in the agreement allows either party to cease services, with two months' notice, if so desired.

Monitoring blood pressure

Archangel offers:

Service Coverage

Currently Archangel operates in New South Wales, with the view to expand into the other states of Australia as we grow.

Service Structure

See Service Structure for Clergy & Congregations.

A mobile service

Our Guarantee

First Month Guarantee

If, after informing Archangel Gabriel Consultancy of your urgent health concerns, you are not fully satisfied with our assessment in addressing these concerns in the first month, the second month will be free.

Ongoing Guarantee

If, after informing Archangel Gabriel Consultancy of a particular health concern, you are not fully satisfied with our assessment in addressing this particular concern, the time spent on addressing the need raised will be free.