About Archangel Gabriel Consultancy

Archangel Gabriel Consultancy (Archangel) has been inspired by the health support needed by Clergy and Religious Congregations of all denominations. Archangel is a specialised service that offers support to a unique group in our society. As the number of people choosing to enter Clergy and Religious Life slowly declines, a need has arisen to support all members, especially the ageing, of Clergy and Congregations in their health care needs.

By applying our values of quality, understanding, acceptance, respect, and compassion to all we encounter, Archangel prides itself in delivering a superior service that is flexible to provide the client with the service most suited to their needs. For example, a health phone call monitoring health, discharge planning from hospital, seminars on health care, through to support for end of life.

  • A phone call to answer health related queries.
  • An advocate and liaison for client’s when encountering medical staff, be it a doctor’s appointment or while in hospital.
  • Ensuring discharge plans are in place when a client leaves hospital.
  • Support to everyone, of all ages, within the client group.


years of experience
  • Supporting clients through major life transitions.
  • Facilitating and supporting clients through the transition of changes in their residential status, be it from one community to another, or to becoming a permanent resident in an aged care facility.
  • Supporting of, liaising with and reporting to the Leaders of the client group.
  • Organising seminars and activitiesrelated to health issues and those of interest.

Benefits to the client

The distinctiveness of Archangel Gabriel Consultancy allows flexibility to provide the client with the service most suited to their needs. Hence different agreements will be made according to the needs of the client group. An ideal situation is a 12-month agreement. This gives the client the security of consistent and continuous support, at a guaranteed rate, with their health care needs over a 12-month period.

Archangel Gabriel Consultancy offers:

  • A competitor in a specialised market.
  • A superior service at a competitive rate.
  • An owner/operator who is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a tertiary qualification, having over 35 years’ experience in the health industry, gained from a variety of settings. From acute surgical to aged care, residential and community settings. These experiences honed the skills of the Consultant to enable an expertise in this fields ensuring the delivery of high-quality personalised services.
  • An understanding of and a sensitivity to the needs of people in Clergy and Religious Life has developed due to the Consultant having worked closely with members and leaders of Diocese’s and Congregations in previous roles.
  • A one-off monthly payment for Archangel Services. Archangel attends to recruiting, superannuation, work cover and education of staff.
  • The Consultant has developed an extensive network within the healthcare field enabling the Consultant to obtain equipment and other services at competitive rates.

I am committed to becoming your partner, your guide, and your resource.

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Mission and Vision

Archangel Gabriel Consultancy delivers the best healthcare advice and support available, enabling our clients to arrive at the best decision for their health. This is achieved by being compassionate, understanding, and respectful to clients, employees and the community at large.

By providing members who have chosen Clergy and Religious Life with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about their health needs, Archangel Gabriel Consultancywill be recognised as a leader in the health care industry of Australia supporting Clergy and Congregations.

Values: Quality, Understanding, Acceptance, Respect, Compassion


Assisted living is a residential care option for seniors who need help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, medication management, and meal preparation, while still maintaining a level of independence.

Assisted living facilities provide support with daily activities and basic health care, while nursing homes offer more intensive medical and nursing care for individuals with serious health conditions.

Care needs are assessed through a comprehensive evaluation by our team, which includes reviewing medical history, personal preferences, and daily living requirements to create a personalized care plan.

Planning early, involving the prospective resident in decision-making, and providing emotional support can help ease the transition. Our team is also available to assist during the move and initial adjustment period.

We offer support through major life transitions such as adjusting to decreased activity levels, changes in residential settings, and other aspects of the ageing process. Our collaborative approach ensures holistic care tailored to individual needs.

We organize and accompany residents to medical, specialist, and allied health appointments, acting as advocates to ensure they understand their care. We also manage follow-up tests and procedures