People in Religious Life

Archangel Gabriel Consultancy (Archangel) has been inspired by the health support needed by Clergy and Religious Congregations of all denominations. Archangel is a specialised service that offers support to a unique group in our society. As the number of people choosing to enter Clergy and Religious Life slowly declines, a need has arisen to support all members, especially the ageing, of Clergy and Congregations in their health care needs.

By applying our values of quality, understanding, acceptance, respect, and compassion to all we encounter, Archangel prides itself in delivering a superior service that is flexible to provide the client with the service most suited to their needs. For example, a health monitoring phone call, discharge planning from hospital and seminars on health care.

‘’A service tailored to your needs in a specialised market.
Comprehensive Care

Medical Coordination

Health Monitoring

Holistic Support

Our essential Services

Comprehensive Care Planning

Assessment and Review: Identify and assess individual care needs to create a personalized intervention plan.
Case Management: Develop, monitor, and review individual case plans to ensure appropriate care.

Medical Coordination

Referrals to Services: Coordinate with medical service providers like community nursing, Meals on Wheels, and independent living services.
Medical Coordination: Organize and accompany clients to medical and specialist appointments, act as client advocates, and manage follow-up procedures.

Health Monitoring and Support

Health Monitoring: Monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels as needed.
Hospital Care: Oversee hospital admissions, delivery of care, and develop discharge plans.

Holistic and Transitional Support

Life Transitions: Support clients through significant life changes, including adjusting to decreased activity levels, lifestyle choices, residential changes, and ageing processes.
Collaborative Approach: Work within the community service network to develop a holistic model of care tailored to the individual.

Patient-Centered Health Care

1. Personalized Treatment Plans: I create tailored plans that cater to your unique health needs and lifestyle, ensuring effective and personalized care.
2. Regular Follow-Ups: Continuous monitoring and adjustments to treatment plans help you stay on track with your health goals.
3. Overall Well-Being Support: I provide health education, lifestyle counseling, and resources to help you make informed health decisions.